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Publication: Laldy!

My poem ‘The Slow Death of Agamemnon’ has been included in the first issue of Laldy!

It can be purchased here – https://clochoderickpress.co.uk/shop.html#!/products/laldy-issue-1.html


Publication: Landfall Anthology

My poem ‘Evenstar’ has been published in Landfall: Anthology of New Writing from the Federation of Writers (Scotland) 2017. 

It can be purchased here – https://federationofwritersscotland.wordpress.com/members-publications/new-voices-press/

On Her Sorry Tale

What does the moon truly symbolise?
It was the first piece of yours I read.
Its words hooked into my mind,
tiny mountaineers, leaving a trail of fear.
This lunar reflection of mine;
her effervescent eyes trapped
in your carefully constructed lines.

Her sonata a striking omen –
a reminder of my temporary status.
Its cautious lines threatened to slice,
to dice my exposed arteries.
Back then I read shapes from leaves,
begging for the moon to spare my life –
to allow me to emerge from her shadow.

Too fragile, I was a hatching egg,
unaware that soon I would break free
of my constricting cocoon,
seemingly made of granite.
Cracks began to appear
and that’s how I survived to remain here.

Previously appeared in Sarasvati (42), 2016.


In our cottage, echoing in silence,
words became taboo;
inducing an early winter.

The snow fell in hordes,
down upon this town.

We let go
of our silent vows,
as its flaking lullaby began.

With numb gloved fingers,
we moulded her,
sculpting the perfect doll.

We glazed her porcelain skin with ice,
crudely poked in her eye sockets;
our own Frozen Charlotte.

We longed for her eyes to flutter open,
even for just one glassy glance.

Previously published in THE SEASONS: A Collection of Poetry and Prose on Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, 2017.


Publication – The Seasons

Three of my poems have been included in ‘The Seasons: A Collection of Poetry and Prose on Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter’.

You can purchase the collection on Amazon.

For more info on this collection, see Collections of Poetry & Prose.

The poems included of mine are ‘Falling Leaf’, ‘Flowers Aren’t Always Restful To Look At’ and ‘Snowflake’.

Publication – Koru Mag

Recently my poem ‘Sleeping Beauty’ was included in issue two of Koru Mag. You can read my poem and the rest of the issue for free here – https://issuu.com/korumag/docs/koru_mag_issue_two/21

I have also written a blog post looking into the poem, explaining my thoughts when writing it and why I thought the Sleeping Beauty fairytale was an apt intertext. See the blog here – http://korumag.anjulietepohe.com/2017/07/24/guest-post-kirsty-a-niven/