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Love Is A Battlefield

I dig my claws into you,
so as not to really touch you;
a fearful tactic of avoidance,
keeping your skin at nail’s distance
and still your poison seeps into my system,
the mustard gas choking my lungs.
I cringe at the panic rising in me,
the grenade strapped to my chest,
the sharp ticking accelerating.
Your eyes flicker with a seriousness
I thought you didn’t possess
and I’m left exposed in no man’s land,
the clear blue blade penetrating my defences.
I can withstand it, the detonation inevitable;
the ebullition of a word I cannot admit –
those four letters a suicide bomb.


Previously published in the Boundless 2019 Anthology. 

The Incursion (She Looks At You Like She Loves You)

A poem I wrote back in 2011

The Incursion (She Looks At You Like She Loves You)

In the strength of her smouldering gaze,
there lies an unearthly kind of fire.
Her rays of toxic heat focussed purely on you –
she looks at you like she loves you.

An ownership clause stated, so matter of fact,
in the unafraid angle of her hourglass body.
She claims you limb by limb, a slow process,
looking at you like she loves you.

A smug smile on her lips, her pythonic arms
slithering their noose around you.
The girl with the Medusa curls hypnotises,
still looking at you like she loves you.

Her flames start to catch, seducing.
The Moon shall be hers, high up in his sky,
and paralysed I must watch on –
as he looks down at her like he loves her.