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Lullaby for a Hairy Baby


It rains in big fat drops, that drip and drip
and the cat tremulously purrs and purrs
as he lies in the folds of the blanket,
looking up at me with an upside down head.

His tail sways back and forth, back and forth,
a content and constant metronome ticking away.
He buries his head into me in a delicate shuffle.

Rain drops outside are dripping and dripping.

Previously published in HAPPY: A Collection of Poetry and Prose on Happiness and Being Happy, 2017. 


The Ring

From its red perfumed box,
the ring winks up at me.
A perfect black daisy that smiles.
It was a gift. A show of love.
A celebration of a new child.
Now it comes to me,
this beautiful burden.
A quarter of a century later
and it stills blooms so beautifully.

Previously published in Happy: A Collection of Poetry and Prose on Happiness and Being Happy, 2017.