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A Walk Home

One small day condensed to the patter of rain on a hood –
and you toddling along.
A still puddle, anticipating the stomp.
A wellington poised, pink and gleaming –
to ignite a watery explosion.

Horses in the field huddle, heads bowed,
their manes flowing.
They watch as we plough on,
pure drips trickling down our faces.

You look up, suddenly, smiling.

The droplets kiss your sweet face,
the rain blessed to share this moment with you.

Previously appeared on Cultured Vultures as part of their Poetry Spotlight.


The Ring

From its red perfumed box,
the ring winks up at me.
A perfect black daisy that smiles.
It was a gift. A show of love.
A celebration of a new child.
Now it comes to me,
this beautiful burden.
A quarter of a century later
and it stills blooms so beautifully.

Previously published in Happy: A Collection of Poetry and Prose on Happiness and Being Happy, 2017.